Thursday 10 September 2015


Ringo says the record business is in trouble and it’s very difficult for new bands trying to make it in the industry. He was speaking at the launch of his new photography book, PHOTOGRAPH by Ringo Starr, and exhibition which contains rarely-seen photos of the band and Ringo’s childhood. He told Sky News the industry is constantly evolving. “The musicians are good and the music business is good but the record business is going down the dumper,” he said.”Now it’s very difficult and it’s more difficult for the new bands to get a deal.”I like the bands who actually just put their stuff on the internet and that can make the star – it’s the new way, it’s just how it is, nothing stays the same”.

After so many years in the limelight, Ringo reminisced about the days he and his Beatles bandmates took holidays together in total privacy and what an unlikely concept that is now.

“I don’t think the pressure is any worse (for the bands now) than it was for us. The pressure is on when they’re not working because every moment of their lives someone is filming them.

“You know we could go on holiday, Paul and I could go on holiday, John and I on holiday. The other thing the Beatles did – we always went on holiday together with each other, as if we hadn’t had enough of each other!
“Now I think that it’s harder to have any of that freedom. John and I went to Tobago and no-one bothered us – it was great, we could get away. “But now it’s hard, if the photographers aren’t taking photos of them, they’re taking snaps of themselves,” Ringo said.

Ringo taking photos in 1959 and took his camera everywhere with him.The exhibition is taking place at the National Portrait Gallery in London and the musician wants to go further in future by teaming up with the other Beatles for a book collating all their images.
“I wasn’t always snapping away, but I did have my camera with me and John had his camera, Paul had a camera, George, we were all carrying cameras. “I put the result of my work to use here and I’d love Yoko and Olivia to find George and John’s photos and Paul to go through his and we could put another book out because everything here goes to the Lotus foundation – it’s all for charity.”

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