Wednesday 16 September 2015


It’s time for George Harrison to be immortalized in the world of comic books, as StormFront Comics has announced a new biography about the famed Beatle.

Orbit: George Harrison will debut this week as part of the company’s popular Orbit series, with writer Carols Pagola Morales at the helm. Morales will explore Harrison’s life from his teens until his death in 2001, touching on the musician’s religious beliefs (his conversions to Hinduism) as well as the ups and downs of his career prior to and after his fame with the Beatles.

“No one could begin to estimate the contribution Harrison and the Beatles have given us,” Darren G. Davis, president of StormFront Comics, said in a press statement. “George Harrison is the perfect choice for our Orbit series. He was so much more than just a rock star. He is a respected musician, film producer, and humanitarian, I consider him a standard-bearer of peace and spirituality.”


Prior subjects in StormFront’s Orbit series have included Stephen King, Howard Stern, Keith Richards, Jerry Garcia, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Bono, Bon Jovi and Ozzy Osborne.

The 32-page book will be available in both print and across digital platforms and include art by Angel Bernuy with alternate covers by artist Graham Hill. 

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