Thursday 27 August 2015


Saturday sees the annual Beatles auction at LIPA - here's 50 of the most interesting items on offer


1.Beatles garter belt. c.1964 UK £50-£60

2. In His Own Write by John Lennon, German 1st Edition 1964 £50-£60

3. George Harrison book signed by Olivia Harrison £75-£100

4. Pete Best signature £50-£60

5. Cilla Black signed handkerchief, from 1964 £20-£30

6. Complete Beatles Illustrated Lyrics puzzle in a puzzle 800 piece jigsaw. 60-£80

7. Original Beatles fan club patch £50-£60

8. Yoko Ono Christmas card signed “Love, Yoko” £40-£50

9. The Beatles Hard Day’s Night press kit. £60-£80

10. Mersey Beat newspaper Vol 1 No 5 dated August 31st – September 14th 1961 £600-£700

11. Yoko Ono Mind Train demo £25-£35

12. 1962 Star Club poster re-printed for re-opening of the club in 1996 £450-£550

13. Set of Beatles signatures on the cover of PYX magazine, Paul and Ringo with first names. Framed and glazed. £2600-£2800

14. The Beatles Go-Go bag £120-£150

15. A very rare Beatles place mat. £120-£140

16. Beatles Irish Linen tea towel £30-£40

17. Two Beatles Washington Pottery plates £75-£95

18. Ticket stub for Roy Orbison and The Beatles at Odeon Theatre Leeds, June 5th 1963 £100-£120

19. Rare programme for The Cavern Club Presents Jazz Festival January 1960. Includes Ringo Starr with Rory Storm £140-£160

20. Heather McCartney pottery in packing box. Title “Crocus” £170-£200

21. Three photographs of Gerry & The Pacemakers on stage at the Cavern c.1963. From the collection of Dick Matthews, one of the photos bears his stamp on

reverse. £40-£60

22. A very rare Cavern Club Beatles Fan Club Night handbill for 5th April 1962 £2000-£2200

23. Last Night of the old Cavern Club ticket for Sunday May 27 1973. £80-£120

24. Three page letter from Johnny Guitar to a fan dated 17th September 1985. The letter talks about Bill Harry and sending items to Sotherby’s. Comes with handwritten mailing envelopes £150-£200

25. A flyer for the Beatles at Operation Big Beat II at the Tower Ballroom New Brighton on Friday 24 November 1961. £1000-£1500

The annual Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia auction at LIPA

26. Postcard sent from the Beatles fan club, Liverpool with a set of fan club signatures £100-£120

27. The Beatles Juke Box Jury ticket for 7 December 1963 £325-£375

28. Set of four rare Beatles glasses made by Joseph Lang & Company Ltd for NEMS Enterprises £550-£600

29. Some of George Harrison’s hair as given by Freda Kelly, Beatles fan club secretary. £300-£350

30. Beatles lilo, blue and yellow with characters. By Lilo Airbed Company. £300-£350

31. Beatles Around The World paper signed by Allan Williams, Pete Best plus others. Framed. £50-£60

32. Promotional card signed “Love Jane Asher” £15-£20

33. Liverpool Echo Pop Special 4th December 1965 £20-£30

34. An original Yellow Submarine sketch of George Harrison with scene notations on the perimeter 40cm x 32cm £80-£100

35. Two large framed sets of John Lennon lyrics entitled The Solo Years from Marigold Enterprises, signed by Yoko Ono. 94cm x 84cm £1250-£1500

36. A handbill for a Beatles performance at Heswall Jazz Club on 25th September 1962 £700-£900

37. Brass Apple given out as a promotional item by Apple Corps in 1968 £400-£500

38. Original Cavern Club brick in box, from Royal Life Insurance with plaque on brick £250-£300

39. Letter from Paul McCartney on headed notepaper with and invitation to a party, signed with first name £150-£200

40. Christmas card illustrated with a drawing of Brian Epstein’s London home, 24 Chapel Street London SW1. Signed “Brian Epstein” £500-£550

41. NEMS original plastic sign from the record department in NEMS Whitechapel £700-£800

42. A Quarry Bank school scarf together with the “Old Boys” school scarf. Late 60s £150-£200

42. Collection of eight copies of the Quarry Bank school magazine The Quarry from 1956-1959 £350-£400

43. Original 1952 16th Allerton Group St Aiden Troop Boy Scouts photograph, featuring Paul McCartney in the centre row second left. £400-£500

44. A rare John Lennon Quarry Bank High school detention sheet for class 3B dated 10Th January 1955 to 15th February 1955, together with a very detailed history from Hunter Davies, Rod Davis from The Quarry Men and a letter of authenticity from Pete Shotton £2200-£2500

45. A custom built radiogram formerly the property of Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey when they lived at 34 Montagu Square, London 1965. £800-£1000

46. The front door from 12 Arnold Grove, Liverpool, the birthplace of George Harrison £800-£1000

47. 1953 Liverpool Institute Green Book, has Paul McCartney listed £360-£400

48. The original weather vane from St Peter’s Church Hall in Liverpool, where John and Paul met in 1957. £100-£150

49. Three photographs of the Big Three from the collection of Dick Matthews c.1963 £35-£45

50. A family letter from Ringo Starr signed Richy, dated 6th January 1972 £150-£200
Beatles auction at the Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

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