Wednesday 15 July 2015


Unpublished photographs of the Beatles taken on their first trip to America in 1964 have gone on show  for the first time. 

Collector Edward Adams, 55, has picked 20 images from his library of more than 1,000 candid shots of the band by photographer Joe Allen.
They were taken during the first of the Fab Four’s two trips to America  in 1964, which sparked Beatlemania across the country.
The collection details how the  Beatles arrived in New York on February 7 on Pan-Am Flight 101 before playing  concerts on the East Coast.
The photographs show the band performing on The Ed Sullivan Show, relaxing on a yacht — lent to them in Miami by furniture tycoon Bernard Castro — and playing in the sea.
They are also pictured meeting Muhammad Ali, then still known as Cassius Clay, at the Fifth Street Gym in Miami where the boxer was training.
Other images show Paul and George on a train from New York to Washington DC, after their flight was cancelled due to snow, and the band chatting and laughing with female fans.
Mr Adams, who lives in Golders Green, told the Standard: “These are rare and interesting shots that I have chosen because they are unusual.
“It’s a real chance for Londoners to see the band as they have never seen them before.”
He bought the images, which are on display at Soho restaurant Forty Dean Street, from a fellow collector in 1994.
Mr Adams said: “I am obviously a big Beatles fan. But I bought these images for both investment and pleasure. They will continue to increase in value and I will always enjoy looking at them.
“My favourite shot is the one of George Harrison on the train to Washington from New York.
“He is so involved in his music with his headphones on. He looks like a modern music DJ in it. I think it’s  very unusual.”

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