Thursday 9 July 2015


The Beatles have been memorialized in dozens of tomes, but except for George Harrison’s memoirs, there is no official autobiography. Ringo said:  “No, I do it on record.  There’s a track on the last album [Postcards from Paradise[ that deals with my life in Liverpool, in Rory and The Hurricanes [his first group] and with the Beatles. That’s how I’m doing it. So I’m not going to be sitting down writing a book. Other people are writing books but they don’t really relate to me, I don’t feel. “

Ringo bounded on stage (yesterday) and told a tale:  “There’s a great African expression. When a guy is coming to you from miles and miles away, and they guy who is in the hut says I see you, the other guy says ‘I am here.’  How beautiful is that? Not ‘How are you doing? I’m fine how are you?’  It’s  ‘I am here.’  We’re all here today and we’re all here for a good cause-what a segue!”

He continued,  “ All this support for peace and love how great is that!  Ten years ago in Chicago, out of the blue I was asked what would you like for your birthday?  I thought if everyone would say peace and love at noon, wherever they are.  The support is rising for peace and love-that’s why I’m here.”

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