Friday 3 July 2015


On Tuesday Olivia hosted a beautiful garden party and summer luncheon with Sola at Friar Park for Galvan London.

Galvan's four founders, Katherine, Anna-Christin, Sola Harrison and Carolyn, at the celebration of Galvan's autumn/winter 2015 collection and Christie's Post War and Contemporary Art Day auction
Founded by Sola Harrison (creative director), Katherine Holmgren (CEO), Anna-Christin Haas (design director) and Carolyn Hodler (sales director), their model of creating beautiful yet edgy red-carpet creations that not only ensure the wearer stands out, but also that they don't have to take out a loan to be able to afford the privilege, found a gap in the market and took off overnight.
A feature in Vogue about Galvan London's garden party at Friar Park hosted by Olivia & Sola Harrison.
Watching them host a summer luncheon for the brand at Friar Park, the impressive Henley-on Thames home of George and Olivia Harrison (Sola is married to the late Beatle's son Dhani), it's clear that they have the energy, the enthusiasm and all the right connections to make sure their success isn't a flash in the pan.  What is also clear is the mutually complementary, pragmatic and - most of all - fun relationship that exists between them, all similar in temperament yet unique in each of their skillsets.

Sola leading the way through the grounds of her husband's ancestral home, Friar Park
"Obviously celebrity is hugely important in today's world," Sola agreed, "however, it's crucial that we work with the right kind of celebrities - strong, intelligent, modern women who really fit the brand. Especially in the early days, this is what helps to establish the personality of a fashion label."

Oliva Harrison hosted the summer luncheon at Friar Park

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