Friday 24 July 2015


John and Ono handwritten note RR Auction

The event RR's Marvels of Modern Music auction,features autographed and rare memorabilia from John Lennon, Ringo Starr,and more.

The high-profile item is a hand-written note from John Lennon and Yoko Ono to Beatles press officer Derek Taylor circa 1969, referencing instructions for an unspecified concert. "Audience must not be 'loaded' with 'officials – (Mayors and Kennedys) it must be mainly kids and critics," Lennon writes. "Any charity bits (the gate) only to be known after the event." Ono pens the next three lines: "Don't explain us – John & Yoko. None of Yoko is a good artist bit they ought to know by now." And Lennon finishes by writing, "Tickets shouldn't be too expensive and none of that all Bernsteins and such likes kids getting the 'best' seats at the zoo." The note is currently bringing $1,000. 
Starr's screen-worn suit jacket from the 1965 Beatles film, Help!, has reached over $14,000. The black wool, double-breasted jacket includes a "Ringo" label sewn inside the inner right pocket, with a costume notation on the right sleeve reading "Ringo No. 1." 

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