Saturday 18 July 2015


1962--The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and then again at night.

1963--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Two of EMI Studios, London) from 7:00 p.m. to 10:45 p.m. The Beatles begin recording songs for their second album. They tape four songs, all cover versions: 11 takes of You Really Got a Hold On Me; 7 takes of Money; 6 takes of Devil In Her Heart, and 3 takes of Till There Was You.

1964--The Beatles' LP, A Hard Day's Night, is No. 1 in the UK.

1968--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studio Two, EMI Studios, London). Completion of Cry Baby Cry. The Beatles also tape three extended versions of Helter Skelter (time lengths 10:40, 12:35, and 27:11). None of the lengthy Helter Skelter tracks will be used for the released version; a re-make is recorded beginning on September 9. The Beatles Anthology 3 includes a 4 min. 37 sec. excerpt from Take 2, the 12:35 version (Disc one, Track 3).

1969--The Beatles in the recording studio (Studios Three and Two, EMI Studios, London). Recording overdubs for Oh! Darling and Octopus's Garden.


1974--The US Justice Department orders John out of the country by September 10. The Immigration and Naturalization Service denies him an extension of his non-immigrant visa because of his guilty plea in England to a 1968 marijuana possesion charge.

1980--While John sits for a portrait in Bermuda (intended as a present for Yoko), Yoko is spending the weekend with her close friend, art dealer Sam Green.

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