Thursday 11 June 2015


On the 50th anniversary of the visit of the Beatles to Spain and their concert in the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid, the unedited recording of the legendary concert will be presented for the first time on a disc edited by José Luis Alvarez, journalist and director of Fonorama, the music magazine, who interviewed the band of Liverpool and his manager Brian Epstein and also he will expose unseen photos of the meeting.
The next 25 June, at 20.30 in Sala Búho Real (Madrid), there will be a press conference in which José Luis Alvarez present the only recording he made with Brian Epstein, manager of the band, the historic night of July 2, 1965. It will be limited, vinyl and accompanied by a CD and some rare photographs, some of which may be exposed in this place, that has recently completed 30 years of travel in the world of live music. Entry is free to fill seats.
Jose Luis Álvarez, an eminence in the world of music, after more than 60 years interviewing and rubbing shoulders with big rock stars, will give an open press conference in which will the details of the visit and its long "talk-interview "of more than five hours with the Fab Four, the recording of the concert and why has not decided to offer this gem for Beatlemania until 50 years later.

Adolfo Arauz, current manager of the hall and beatlemaniacs with great knowledge of the Liverpool band, will open the doors of Sala Búho Real for this unique event and he will moderate the talk, an event that several generations of Beatles fans have waited for decades.

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