Sunday 10 May 2015


Josh Walther and the band Phase5 play everything from charity functions to weddings. They play R&B, rock and funk. So when they were booked to play a gig at Rollins College in Winter Park Walther says he thought it was just another gig.
But as he was talking to the person doing the booking, he noticed something different. The woman seemed to know a lot about sound, amps and instruments. She told him she was Nancy Shevell, McCartney’s wife.
She then went onto to tell him the party they'd be playing was for her son, who was graduating, and that Paul would be there.
Walther said it caught him off guard, but he took it in stride, saying he's been told many times that a famous person would be at an event they were playing, and they rarely ever noticed them, if the person was even there at all.
But last Saturday at the party, who was the first on the dance floor? Paul McCartney. "I was looking around at the band and I was sort of like, ‘That's him,’" he said.
After dancing for their entire hour and a half set, McCartney came up and asked, "Would you mind if I joined you on a couple?" Walther said he and the band were blown away but stayed calm enough to agree to it immediately. McCartney then asked if they knew any Beatles songs, and they decided on “I Saw Her Standing There.” "More than anything I feel really lucky that it happened," Walther said.

Paul sing "I saw here standing there"at private grad party of his stepson Arlen Shevell (daughter of Nancy Shevell) last night at Interlachen Country Club in Florida

Phase 5 : "Thrill of a lifetime having Sir Paul McCartney sit in with the band last night! Phase5 was honored to be asked to play for Paul and his family at an event last night. We were really excited that he was the first person on the dance floor and remained there for our entire 2 hour show. Nothing would prepare us for the moment when he asked if he could sing a few with us!"

 Josh Walther, leader of the band Josh Walther and the Phase5, wrote on his facebook account yesterday:

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