Thursday 14 May 2015



Paul was answering questions from his fans during the ‘Out There’ tour of Japan to launch LINE’s first-ever global sound stickers (check out a video of Paul using the tickers below!). An amazing 250,000 fans took part in the Q&A!
To celebrate Paul bringing his ‘Out There’ tour to the UK this month we will be publishing the full Q&A next week, but until then – here’s a second teaser!
Regular visitors to will no doubt be aware that each month we sit down with Paul for the fan Q&A feature ‘You Gave Me The Answer’. We’ve been running this feature for the past couple of years and during that time we’ve discussed all manner of things with Paul from what he would do if he was invisible for the day, what his superpower would be, where he would go if he had a time machine and where he learnt the complicated chords that often appear in his songs (and that question also resulted in Paul giving us our very own mini concert in his office!). 
During our Q&As with Paul we’ve always been impressed by how quick-witted and funny he can be with his responses. However, during this Q&A we experienced a very funny first for us – Paul was stumped for an answer! What was the question that did it…?
Question: "If you were a woman for a day, what would you do?"
Paul: [Laughs] "The possibilities are endless! What would I do? I think I’d need some time to think about that! What would I do as a woman for day…? I don’t know! That’s a big question! The mind boggles… Give me two weeks and I’ll think of an answer to that! It may not be printable, that’s the problem! I’ll have to think about it. [Asks a lady within the room for help who replies, “I don’t know!”] Even a woman doesn’t know!”
So there we have it – our very first question to curve ball Paul! 
Paul will be getting ‘Out There’ in the UK this month:
Saturday 23rd May – The O2, London
Sunday 24th May – The O2, London
Wednesday 27th May – Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham
Thursday 28th May – Echo Arena, Liverpool
Check for tickets by clicking HERE!
In case you missed yesterday’s teaser, read Paul's answer to the question “Do you think the Gallagher brothers will ever make up and do you have any advice for them?” by clicking HERE!

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