Sunday, 14 December 2014


Autographs of the Beatles, collected by a fan who spotted them staying in Newquay during their Magical Mystery Tour almost 50 years ago, are to go on sale at a London auction house today.
The signatures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison all feature on a page torn from an old address book which once belonged to a fan named Stella.

After learning that the Fab Four were staying at the town's Atlantic Hotel in September 1967 after filming in Bodmin, Stella approached three of the band members for their autographs.
In The Complete Beatles Chronicle, author Mark Lewisohn wrote: "The Beatles intended to stop here [Newquay] for just one night, but after considerable private discussion, in which they weighed up the merits of either moving on to a new hotel each day or staying put in one location and using it as a base, they opted for the latter alternative and decided to remain at the Atlantic for three nights, Tuesday to Thursday – September 12-14, 1967 – staying in four holiday flats. Much filming was done on Wednesday, September 13, beginning in the late morning when the Beatles and some of the actors set out in the coach, north along the B3276, to nearby Watergate Bay."
The signatures, in blue ballpoint pen, have now been put up for sale by Stella's granddaughter, and are expected to reach £1,800 to £2,200 at Bonhams in London.
John Lennon signed Stella's scrap of paper: "To Stella, love from The Beatles," before drawing a heart around the three autographs.

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