Thursday, 27 November 2014


The Beatles on Tyne Tees TV 
Incredibly, it’s now over half a century since the phenomenon called Beatlemania erupted across Britain and the United States.
Back in 1963 as the Fab Four began blazing their spectacular trail, they were no strangers to the North East, appearing in the region several times as they toured the UK seemingly endlessly.
Now the noted music writer Dafydd Rees is appealing to Chronicle readers who saw the Beatles in 1963 to re-live and share their memories for a new book he is writing.
He said: “Beatlemania - A Year In The Life 1963 is a day by day account of what The Beatles did throughout that year, complemented by stories from those who saw them, worked with them or encountered them.
“The nature of the beast is that little of the early part of that year is documented, while the end of the year is exactly the opposite.
“To avoid bringing out an unbalanced book, those first few months require some diligent research and finding people who saw them.”
Dafydd, who has contributed to books on Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, has pin-pointed several key Newcastle dates in 1963 he’d like to learn more about.
Long lines of Beatles fans queue around the corner from the City Hall in the attempt to get tickets
These are:
January 28: The Beatles played the Majestic in the midst of that year’s notoriously harsh winter.
March 23: They were back in Newcastle at the City Hall on the Tommy Roe/Chris Montez bill.
June 26: Did the band stay at the Royal Turks Hotel or the Jesmond Imperial Hotel? This has long been a bone of contention.
October 27: The box office for the Beatles’ November 23 City Hall show opened. There are a series of well-known pictures of fans queuing.
November 23: The Beatles played the City Hall.

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