Tuesday 10 December 2013


After 15 years, Julian Lennon has returned to the studio and recently released the stunning Everything Changes (Music From Another Room) this past summer. The album cover features beautiful artwork of butterflies.
“A few years ago I kept seeing butterflies everywhere. I think they work for most of us. Everything changes. We’re forever metamorphasizing," says Julian Lennon. "This album, and this year, I’m turning 50, was a special year because I felt more comfortable in my skin than ever before, more true to myself as an artist than ever before on every level so more at peace in my own heart and mind. So that’s a good thing.”
Aside from the cover, there are also 14 butterfly photos on the inside of the album, one for each song on the album. Each one has a different photo in it that Julian took. 

“This came about when I did a song for the Lupus foundation. My good childhood friend, Lucy, who I drew in the picture for my dad that inspired “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” passed away from Lupus. And I did the butterfly photos so all the proceeds could go to the Lupus Foundation of America.”
The album Everything Changes covers everything from romance to humanitarian concerns, and leads off with the single “Someday,” which features guest vocalist Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. It combines Julian’s lifework as a philanthropist and gifted songwriter. After learning of the news of Nelson Mandela's passing, Julian Lennon dedicated his performance on the show to his memory. 
To learn more about Julian Lennon's amazing career, and album Everything Changes visit JulianLennon.com.

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