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"Rewind Forward," out October 13, is his fourth extended play release in three years.
"I´ve loved EPs since they first came out in the ´60s," he says of the format. "And then I heard the kids are making EPs and thought, `That´s good!´" 

About the title Ringo said: "I think it means that, you know, you´re sitting still for a while. You rewind and you find out `I was a much better person then,´ or `this was working for me better then,´ he says. You don´t have to ever live in the past, but just check it occasionally."
"Of course, I´m making all this up," he jokes.

The EP is a collection of four songs co-penned by Starr´s engineer frequent co-writer Bruce Sugar, Steve Lukather, Toto´s Joe Williams, Benmont Tench and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty´s Heartbreakers, and many more.

"Feeling the Sunlight" was written by Paul McCartney, who Starr says he "FaceTimes twice a month" and hangs out with whenever he is in London, or McCartney is in LA: "When he sent the track, he´d actually done the drums, so we had to take them off," he says, laughing.

"A lot of people have said `That´s the last gig!´ And I say it after every tour and our children and my wife are fed up with me. `Oh, you said that last time,'" he jokes. And yet, he continues to hit the road because he simply loves it: "I get everything I need."

 The next EP is founded in country music. While attending a poetry reading by Olivia Harrison, late Beatle George Harrison´s widow, Starr ran into "T-Bone" Burnett. They decided to work together. Starr thought he´d get a pop number, but Burnett instead sent him a country song. "He actually opened the door," "So, I thought, `Why don´t we do that, too? A country one.´" "Right now, I´m EP crazy," he says.

Recently, Ringo collaborated with Paul McCartney on Dolly Parton´s cover of the Beatles´ "Let It Be.": "It´s good to be a part of it," he says, adding that it required no convincing. "I´m easy."

In June, news broke that a final Beatles recording would soon become available, created using artificial intelligence technology to extricate John Lennon´s voice from a piano demo: "The rumors were that we just made it up," he says of John´s contributions to the forthcoming track. "Like we would do that anyway. This is the last track, ever, that you´ll get the four Beatles on the track. John, Paul, George, and Ringo," he says.
When asked when it will be released, he says, "It should´ve been out already."

Finally, about the magic of being a Beatle, Ringo said: "It was a great time of my life. Being a Beatle was great," he says. "I had three brothers, I´m an only child, and that´s life." 

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