Wednesday 19 April 2023


The statue was taken away in January after its bench collapsed
The Eleanor Rigby statue has returned to its home on Stanley Street.

The statue, inspired by The Beatles' 1966 song, was taken away in January following damage to the bench it sits on. Part of the stone seat had collapsed to the ground.

The incident in January was the second time in recent years that the statue was damaged. In October 2019, the bronze copy of an Echo newspaper which formed part of the statue was stolen, along with the inscribed plaque behind it.

Liverpool City Council confirmed, following a review of the CCTV footage, that the damage in January was caused by what it described as "an unfortunate accident", rather than vandalism as was first feared.















The statue returned to its city centre home, sitting on a new bench. It was hoisted onto the new seat, with the help of workmen.

Liverpool City Council tweeted: "Liverpool's Eleanor Rigby statue has got back to where she once belonged.

"Taken away in January so a new bench could be created, the iconic statue (made by entertainer Tommy Steele in 1982) has now returned to her Stanley St home, thanks to a little help from some friends."
Tommy Steele designed the statue in order to pay tribute to The Beatles after performing in Liverpool in 1981. It was unveiled the following year, depicting the fictional woman at the centre of the song.


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