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Today, the band’s worldwide influence can still be seen, and Paul McCartney shares when he knew The Beatles were “changing the world.”
Paul McCartney shared when he knew The Beatles were having a worldwide impact. He says he knew the band was reaching the world after their success in the U.S. and seeing so many people copy the outfits from Sgt. Pepper’s on an international level. 















“I suppose it was our first big success in America. I started to realize that the attention was not just local, and it was around the time of Sgt Pepper when we started seeing our clothes and the music we were making getting copied on an international level. Although this had happened before at home, with people getting the Beatle haircut and all dressing in a similar fashion, it was around about Sgt Pepper that you could feel the worldwide movement. You could feel that people in California were thinking about what you were thinking about. And that’s when people started saying to us, ‘Wow man, you know your music changed my life!’ So, I think around about that time I started to think it was changing the world.”
“We’d have to give up if we felt responsible!” McCartney exclaimed. “People did say we should take some responsibility because we were writing songs that were sneakily about drugs or sneakily about sex and stuff, which we knew young people were listening to. But we just had to put it to one side and think, ‘No, this is what it’s like for us.’ And of course, the other thing to bear in mind is that a lot of our music had a good message too. A lot of peace and love, a lot of sympathy for each other, but even then, we didn’t feel the responsibility of passing on these themes to other people. You just had to get on and do what felt right.”


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