Thursday 15 September 2022


A RECENT episode of BBC's Antiques Roadshow saw an amazing piece of Beatles history on the show.
The show's presenter, Fiona Bruce, was joined by a team of experts as they headed to Sefton Park in Liverpool.

Throughout the episode, incredible items were shown on the show, but it was a guest who met expert Raj Bisram who was the talking point.

Antiques expert Raj introduced a new guest, who brought on a rather random item - some house numbers.

Raj joked: "So what do we have here? Are these your lottery numbers?"

To which the guest laughed and responded: "No, not lottery numbers. 

"This is the number to John Lennon's childhood home."

He went on to explain: "In 1965 when John Lennon... well the Lennon family decided to sell their home, a couple bought in and they moved in for a couple of months, then sold it and moved on.

"And the next couple that bought it, they didn't tell them that it was John Lennon's house.

"So they moved in, were having breakfast one morning, opened the curtains and there were five people in their garden taking photographs."

He continued: "That was when they realised they lived in John Lennon's house, they didn't like The Beatles very much and they lived there for about 36 years, chasing people out of their garden.

"But the interesting thing about that story for me was that the person who lived there was my uncle."

Though the owner of the house number hadn't previously though of selling the historical house numbers, he was open to finding out how much they could make him.

Raj told him: "I think if that was put into a specialist Beatles sale, this would make £5,000 to £8,000, easily."

The crowd that had gathered around them were in shock, as one audience member exclaimed "wow!"

However, Raj went on to explain that it could fetch the owner even more than that.

He said: "It could double that, it really could double that, so I think this is a great, great little piece of Beatles memorabilia.

"Fantastic, thank you for bringing it in."


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