Friday, 11 June 2021


On August 6th  we’ll get a 50th anniversary edition of George Harrison’s amazing and lasting “All Things Must Pass” triple album. The new version will come with 5CDs and 8 LPs. If you get the complete set,  it comes in a crate.

When “All Things Must Pass” was first issued in 1971 it came in what was then a rare box set with 3 LPs. The only other pop album like that was “Jesus Christ Superstar.” "All Things Must Pass" now it’s coming in a crate.

With “All Things Must Pass” we go back to that Super Deluxe Edition, we get a very carefully curated project from George’s son Dhani Harrison and wife Olivia Harrison, who so far have done an incredible job preserving George’s legacy.
The full crate (which an be purchased in other configs) includes 8LPs (180g) and 5CDs plus 1 Blu-ray audio disc There are 47 (42 previously unreleased) demos and outtakes. Also  8LPS Deluxe Set


“The Blu-ray allows fans to experience the main album in a high-res stereo, enveloping 5.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos mixes. The collection contains a beautiful 60-page scrapbook curated by Olivia Harrison, with unseen imagery and memorabilia from the era, handwritten lyrics, diary entries, studio notes, tape box images, a comprehensive track-by-track, and more. It also includes a replica of the original album poster.
All Things Must Pass will be released in multiple physical and digital configurations, including as a 5LP BOX SET or 3CD Deluxe Edition+ Poster that pairs the main album with the session’s outtakes and jams. The main album will be available on its own as 2CD, 3LP, . All versions are available for pre-order now.
“Since the 50th-anniversary stereo mix release of the title track to my father’s legendary All Things Must Pass album in 2020, my dear pal Paul Hicks and I have continued to dig through mountains of tapes to restore and present the rest of this newly remixed and expanded edition of the album you now see and hear before you,” says Dhani Harrison. “Bringing greater sonic clarity to this record was always one of my father’s wishes and it was something we were working on together right up until he passed in 2001. 
Now, 20 years later, with the help of new technology and the extensive work of Paul Hicks we have realized this wish and present to you this very special 50th Anniversary release of perhaps his greatest work of art. Every wish will be fulfilled.”
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