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After The Beatles came to an end, they both went their own ways but they were still somehow connected.


This connection provided Paul with an ability to understand the music of John Lennon like nobody else; he could map through his old bandmate’s new songs by remembering his creative process. When you work with someone day-in-day-out for close to a decade in how Lennon and McCartney did, it becomes almost impossible to shake this level of understanding of one another away. This meant that when it was Macca listening, some of John’s songs just meant that extra something — knowing exactly where every last note has come from.

“You know if you know someone that long,” Paul said whilst in conversation with Sean Lennon, celebrating John’s recent 80th birthday celebration on BBC Radio 2.

“From your early teenage years to your late twenties, that’s an awful long time to be collaborating with someone and you grow to know each other and even when you’re apart you’re still thinking about each other, you’re still referencing each other,” McCartney added.

Sean was eager to discover what song from Lennon’s solo career holds the biggest place in McCartney’s heart, and his answer didn’t disappoint. “Obviously ‘Imagine and ‘Instant Karma’ is great, and the nice thing was when I listen to the records, I can imagine him in the studio and go, ‘Oh ok, I know what he’s done’. I’m often asked for my favourite tunes kind of thing, and I always include ‘Beautiful Boy’,” McCartney revealed.
The Double Fantasy track was famously written for Sean by John, and the song full of messages of self-improvement like “Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”, which has become somewhat of a self-help mantra. The honest lyrics also feature the famous line, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” — it’s a track that sees Lennon truly lay his heart on the line for his art.

McCartney wasn’t just polite by saying it was his favourite Lennon song because it was written about his former bandmate’s passionate adoration for his son, who he was in the company of — he has been banging the drum about ‘Beautiful Boy’ for decades.
During an appearance on Desert Island Discs back in 1982, just two years after John’s death — a grief-stricken Paul picked the beautiful song as one of his choices, “I haven’t chosen any Beatles records, but if we had more than eight, I probably would have. I haven’t chosen any of my records so, to sum up the whole thing, I have chosen one of John Lennon’s from Double Fantasy which I think is a beautiful song very moving to me. So, I’d like to sum up the whole thing by playing ‘Beautiful Boy’.”
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