Sunday, 4 April 2021


Music and our heroes have a place in our hearts and to be able to physically hold a piece of music history is a dream to many.


But many go on to buy their own bit of history- but it can come at a price.
People have spent millions on music memorabilia and 2020 was no different, particularly as people had a lot more time on their hands to do some internet shopping during the covid pandemic.

Awesome Merchandise, which makes everything from personalised apparel to pin badges, has compiled the top five most unique and costly items of music merchandise ever sold.

Luke Hodson, the founder of Awesome Merchandise, said: "Fans love buying and collecting merchandise because it makes us feel part of an exclusive community and gives us a sense of belonging. Merch can even transport us back in time and remind us of a specific memory.
"During the pandemic, it’s been one of the only ways fans have been able to show their support for their favourite artists too, which just highlights how important it is."

Here is the most expensive music memorabilia bought at auction:
John Lennon’s Bed-In for Peace cardboard placard: £97,250

Few lie-ins are as famous as pacifist John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono’s horizontal protest against the Vietnam War. Lasting a back-aching two weeks, they remained bed-ridden in an effort to speak out against the war. A placard, drawn and coloured by Lennon himself sold for a whopping £97,250 in 2008.

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