Monday, 5 June 2017


Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: 'Don’t Be Careless Love’ 

The reissue of Flowers In The Dirt has been on repeat here at HQ. We're huge fans of songs like 'My Brave Face' and 'This One', but we've also been rediscovering some of its ‘deep cuts’. So what better excuse to return to our feature ‘Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’ today to mark the original album's release: 5th June 1989. 
Co-written with Elvis Costello “almost as a guide for young lovers”, ’Don’t Be Careless Love’ is the ninth track on the album and was described by Paul as a song recreated from the original demo, from the "ground-up". The final version features Elvis on harmonies and keyboards.
“We have stuff that I wrote with Elvis, and we recorded it ourselves, to see if we could just get a kind of energy in there and stuff… They were nice tapes, but they weren’t making it. So I re-recorded them with Mitchell Froom, who’s the American guy who did Crowded House… we kind of fixed one of the recordings Elvis and I had done (‘Careless’), because we liked the vocal and we just needed to fix it up a little bit," explains Paul in the essay book from the reissue's essay book.
Check out the full track:

...And here's a short animation we posted on Paul's social media today to celebrate the song's supercool '80s sound!  

Fans can pick up their copy of Flowers In The Dirt at their local record store, or online via the below links:
Deluxe Edition (3CD/1DVD): Click HERE!
Special Edition (2CD): Click HERE!
Vinyl (2LP): Click HERE!


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