Saturday, 20 May 2017


Paul and Woody Harrelson visited the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (18 May). By coincidence both chose the same day to hold Q and A sessions with students.
Paul - who is LIPA’s Lead Patron and a regular visitor – held a series of one-to-one mentoring sessions with seven third year singer-songwriters on the Music degree course before taking part in a session open to all students, where they asked him questions about the music industry and his career.


Paul then joined students for a screening of Woody Harrelson’s new film Lost in London in the Paul McCartney Auditorium.
The film, which Woody stars in, was his first as a director. It was shot in one continuous take in January and originally broadcast live – as it was filmed - to 500 cinemas in the US.
After the screening, Woody took part in a Q and A with students where he discussed both the film’s content and production method.

LIPA’s Founding Principal and CEO Mark Featherstone-Witty said: “We were energised by the whole day. This has never happened here before. What an experience for students, let alone staff.”
The visit wasn’t a one-off with LIPA regularly holding masterclasses with professionals at the top of their respective disciplines.

Paul spent the day at LIPA conducting one of his Master classes, he had driven himself from Liverpool John Lennon Airport where he had arrived by private jet, he left after 9:30 and flew back to London. While at the airport he signed a few copies of the beatles albums for waiting fans, before saying his goodbyes.

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