Saturday, 29 April 2017


Q & A with Paul in Japan, 28 april, 2017

On his official website, Paul has answered some questions from his Japanese fans, including how would he describe the Japanese audiences at his concerts compared to other countries, what impresses him about Japan, what would he sing at karaoke, and being vegetarian, what is his favourite Japanese food?

All this past week Paul has been taking Tokyo by storm playing packed out shows at the legendary Budokan and three nights at Tokyo Dome. After rehearsals for the Budokan show Paul did a really fun Q&A answering fan questions with the LINE LIVE platform. Watch the LINE fan Q&A HERE! ... (please press the button: stop or pause (bellow)on the page.


(please press the button: stop or pause (bellow)on the page).

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  1. How can I turn off the sound so I can listen to the videos?


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