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Two scenes were filmed but never used...

A sequence where the Beatles are stuck in a traffic jam along with their chauffeur (Frank Thornton). The film crew took over an entire street in Twickenham, near the studios, for scenes with traffic, including a double-decker, and a solo scene where Paul meets a Shakespearean actress (Isla Blair) rehearsing in her dressing room, it was shot on 20th April 1964 at Jack Billing's TV School Of Dancing, Shepherds Bush, London.

Traffic scene (deleted from film). In the scene, The Beatles were stuck in a traffic jam and were shouted at by a passenger in another car,later decided that the sequence should be omitted from the final cut.

Another deleted scene: Paul was looking for Ringo,who had gone missing temporarily. Paul discovered a rehearsal room where he had a conversation with an actress, played by 18-year-old Isla Blair.
The scene remained unused because director Richard Lester thought it lacked pace, and that it was inappropriate for one of The Beatles to have a scene with a girl. As a result, Paul was the only member of the group without a solo scene in the film.

The scene was filmed at the Jack Billings TV School of Dancing at 18 Goldhawk Road in London, above what was then The Bush pub. 

The script: Paul comes down the street looking about him for Ringo. In the street is an old building, the sort of place that is highly favoured for TV rehearsals. There is a sign on the door, 'TV Rehearsal Room'. As Paul draws near, a load of actors and extras, etc. are leaving, they are in costume, they are the ones who earlier had been going to a word rehearsal. When Paul gets near the entrance he decides to go inside.

Paul enters and wanders about. He reaches a door, pushes it open and looks in. He sees a girl clad in period costume. She is moving around the room and obviously acting. Paul watches her for a moment and then decides to go in.

Paul goes into the room. The girl is in mid-flight. She is very young and lovely and completely engrossed in what she is doing. The room is absolutely empty except for Paul and herself. She is acting in the manner of an eighteenth century coquette, or, to be precise, the voice English actresses use when they think they are being true to the costume period... her youth however makes it all very charming.

Isla Blair: If I believed you, sir, I might do those things and walk those ways only to find myself on Problems Path. If I believed you, sir, I might like you or even love you, but I cannot believe you and all those urgings, pleadings and the like serve only as a proof that you will lie and lie again to gain your purpose with me.
(She dances lightly away from an imaginary lover and as she turns she sees Paul who is as engrossed in the scene as she was).
Isla Blair: (surprised) Oh!
PAUL: (enthusiastically) Well... go 'head, do the next bit.
Isla Blair: Go away! You've spoilt it.
PAUL: Who, me?
Isla Blair:Yes, you.
PAUL: Oh, sorry I spoke.
He makes no effort to go. He simply continues to look steadily at the girl; then he smiles at her. She is undecided what to do next.

At the end of this first day, Paul offered Isla Blair a lift home in his chauffeur-driven car. When they went outside, however, they found dozens of girls waiting.Although they managed to drive away safely, the following day Blair declined Paul's repeat offer of a lift.

Isla Blair said: "I was completely unprepared for how frightening it was. It must have been awful for him. They were grabbing at him and they were very vicious with me. They pulled my hair, they scratched me, they pulled me, they punched me, they pinched me and it was horrible."

According to an interview with Richard Lester in June 1970, went to the library at Twickenham Film Studios to look at the out-takes from A Hard Day's Night, but discovered that all the unreleased footage had been destroyed. The studio had a policy of retaining such footage only for five years after the completion of a film, the unused footage was destroyed because of space considerations.


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