Saturday, 18 March 2017


The colourful images were installed by the management last year in a bid to cheer the building - and Mathew Street itself - up. Take a look at the windows directly above the Rubber Soul pub and you’ll see some psychedelic renditions of John, Paul, George and Ringo staring back at you. 
Jimmy Boland, general manager of the complex which includes Rubber Soul, Eric’s and Kaiserkeller, said: “We did this because we wanted to make the street look brighter and our windows were looking a bit rotten as well.
"There were broken plant pots and all sorts in them.


Artist Andy Prior's Beatles paintings can be seen in the windows above Rubber Soul on Mathew Street

“We had the Lucy in Sky With Diamonds lights up over the street which didn’t work and we asked the council if they would either fix them or take them down.
“Then we decided to brighten up the street ourselves and we got an artist to do these pictures for us.”
 Andy Prior, also known as The Dead One, is responsible for the paintings, finished in the style of the The Beatles’ 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine.
Jimmy added: “We get lots of tourists asking about them and stopping to take photos.
“They’re really good for the street.”

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