Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Paul claimed, the best Beatles hits were written in the bedroom. He said John and he would sit opposite each other on twin beds facing one another and keep strumming ideas to each other like a ping pong match.

Paul told the interviewer in terms of collaborations his best was with John and that it was a fact he had come to accept. He compared strumming along with Lennon in front of him to that of staring in front of a mirror. As Paul was left-handed, John was right-handed. He added since John's passing it is that one memory he has held onto throughout the years.
Paul further added that while John was the best, he looks forward to collaborating with other artists. He said each artist brings their own unique mix to a song, the Daily Mail reported. He said Stevie Wonder would show up late for dinner when invited as he would be running his fingers over the keyboard figuring a song. Further, he added that with Michael Jackson he sat in his office and played on his piano and a song was made up in an instant.
Furthermore, Paul said he was having fun making a new album. He said he is working with a producer who previously worked with Adele and is responsible for her success at the recent Grammys. He said his only worry was that people would claim he was courting the 'flavour of the month."


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