Thursday 16 March 2017


A record sleeve covered in doodles by John Lennon as he brainstormed ideas for an album cover has emerged for sale for £15,000.
The black felt tip pen sketchings are believed to have been Lennon's initial ideas for the cover of his 1974 album Walls and Bridges and span both sides of an opened-out record sleeve.
The record sleeve was given by the former Beatle to Jesse Davies, a session musician who provided lead guitar on the album.

One of the drawings depicts a flying saucer with the word "UFOer" written on the bottom of the object, most likely influenced by Lennon's UFO sighting that year.
This sighting was mentioned in the album liner notes: "On the 23rd Aug. 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a UFO J.L."
On the record sleeve, in amongst the numerous doodles, he wrote the names of four people who were central to his life.
These were himself, Yoko which refers to his wife Yoko Ono , May for his lover May Pang and Julian, his son who he had become reacquainted with.
This album was produced while John and Yoko were separated and Lennon was with May Pang who also worked on the album. It was a chapter in his life he called his 'lost weekend'.
The word 'home' is written multiple times and to reflect his liberal views he has drawn a peace sign and a crossed out Nazi swastika.
He has also drawn a bridge, some skyscrapers, an assortment of people including man in a poncho, a sheep, a TV and two cats. 

The album ideas are intertwined with mundane notes - there are telephone numbers of people to get in touch with such as 'call Al Courrier at Capital LA'.
John kept faith with his idea of doing his own drawings when he produced the finished album cover for Walls and Bridges.
The album's elaborate outer jacket features some of his drawings, including one portraying a game of football and a series of photos of his face with different expressions.
The front cover contains two flaps which, when folded, create interchangeable Lennon faces.
Paul Fairweather, auctioneer at Cheshire-based Omega Auctions, said: "This is a rare piece of artwork, part of which depicts Lennon's infamous UFO sighting and was the original concept for the Wall and Bridges album sleeve.
"We are expecting a lot of interest from collectors worldwide."
Walls and Bridges, Lennon's fifth studio album, was an American Billboard number one album and featured two hit singles 'Whatever Gets You thru the Night' and '£9 Dream'.

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