Thursday, 23 March 2017


Looking back on his 2013 show at The Camel in Richmond, James remembers “beautiful rivers, a weird dressing room and a street outside that looked like a good skateboard-able surface.”
James, returns to The Camel on Tuesday, March 28, in support of his latest album, 2016’s “The Blackberry Train.” Where his 2013 debut album, “Me” (which followed 2010 and 2011 EP releases), offered gentle, melodic introspection, McCartney rocks quite a bit harder on “The Blackberry Train.”

Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) served as engineer for the recordings. “I called him and asked him if we could meet up,” McCartney said via email. “He was game. Things went from there.” For opening track “Too Hard,” he was joined by Dhani Harrison on guitar and vocals in their first collaboration. Asked if he saw much of George Harrison’s family while growing up, James replied, “Yes and no. Once in a blue moon.”

On his latest album, the singer and songwriter said he played “everything. Conventionally: my vocal cords, guitar, piano, bass and drums. In that order and at the same time. Two at a time usually. I don’t like to be limited and feel oppressed in terms of what ‘instruments’ I play. I like to create (and) play all sounds.”
Mentioning that creating occupies most of his time these days, James’s accomplishments with multiple instruments have developed naturally. “I am driven with music daily,” he added. He played guitar and drums on some of his father’s albums, including 1997’s “Flaming Pie” and 2001’s “Driving Rain,” and was also a guitarist on his mother’s 1998 posthumous collection, “Wide Prairie.”

For his career in music, James shared his father’s simple advice that undoubtedly serves in other aspects of his life as well: “To enjoy and have fun.”

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