Wednesday, 8 February 2017


The video has not been seen until now and shows the Fab Four performing on their first north American tour. The 8mm film is from a performance in Montreal, Canada in September 1964

The 8mm film reel was discovered in a drawer after being shot at the gig, which features the band in their iconic dark suits and classic haircuts.
It is from their performance in Montreal, Canada, in September 1964.
The rare footage includes the four backstage shot in colour.
The 10 minutes of rare film was taken by the father of a member of The Four Frenchmen, who were supporting the Beatles.

His grandson, Ron Notarangelo, found the reel in the bottom of a drawer after his death.
It includes scenes of heavy police presence after Ringo, received death threats.
Omega Auctions’ hold an annual Beatles auction, which is where this film will be sold.
The event is on March 18, in Warrington.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather told: “This is an incredible find of great historical importance as there is no known footage from this performance, together with the fact that it is so clear and in colour, which is rare for the early 60s.”
A collection of historic photos have also captured the first time The Beatles set foot on US soil.
The fascinating images, from February 1964, show what happened after The Fab Four landed at JFK airport in New York – where they were met by 3,000 screaming fans.

Once in NYC, the band performed on the Ed Sullivan show in front of a TV audience of 73million people.
Their visit, which took place 53 years ago this month, marked the start of Beatlemania.
The groundwork for their first US trip had begun months earlier, in October 1963, when presenter Ed Sullivan had been passing through Heathrow Airport as the Beatles were due to land from a Swedish visit and he spotted a huge gathering of fans waiting for them.

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