Wednesday, 22 February 2017


The Beatles have been named ‘best British recording artists in history’, followed by Queen and David Bowie  taking third place on the list.

The Beatles have been named the best British recording artists in history, according to a new poll.
The Beatles have topped the list when it came to British recording artists
Elton John and the Rolling Stones completed the top five.
The survey of 1000 Brits was carried out by OnePoll in behalf of streaming music service Deezer, whose spokesman said: “Even though the British music industry is in rude health – as proven by Adele’s presence at sixth on the list – most of the top 10 best artists in history have come from decades gone by.

“In fact, you have to look further down the top 40 to find more artists who started recording this millennium, like Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheeran.
“This shows that the British appetite for the classics is as strong as ever, and the enduring appeal of the Beatles in particular, who have been topping these kinds of polls for close to five decades.”
Elsewhere in the list, Led Zeppelin manage 18th place, coming in below Status Quo, Phil Collins and Coldplay.
And, when it came to his solo career, Paul McCartney also placed in 20th – making him one of two artists to appear twice in the top 40.

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