Sunday 1 January 2017


Paul and Nancy jetted off to the sun-soaked West Indies for the festive period.
The McCartney's join a number of high profile stars on the small idyllic island.

The Killers performed at a private New Year’s Eve party in St. Barts late last night into early this morning.  Rumors indicate that they performed at the annual New Year’s Eve party hosted by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.
Notably, The Killers performed ‘Helter Skelter’ with Paul to close their set.

“Let’s do it. Happy new year!” said Macca. “What is going on?!” The band launches into the familiar, grinding metal-esque opening chords and a finger-wagging McCartney, in duet with Killers lead vocalist Brandon Flowers, is on his way, offering up a Beatles rock classic to the lucky people, nearly all of them holding cell phones above the  sea of heads to capture the moment.

By mid-song Paul is hamming it up in a way he could never get away with at one of his own stadium gigs. “I’m coming down fast but don’t let me break you!” shouts Flowers, and Macca, smiling broadly, bouncing around, grabbing the mic stand and working the crowd as only he knows how, responds, “You won’t break me, baby!”
Also, who appears to be having the time of his life, leans into the audience, shouts “Yeah!” and that’s all we get to see.
In addition to Paul and Nancy, the attendees at the bash also reportedly included Stella McCartney, Puff Daddy, Kenny Chesney and other big-name celebs.

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