Zak Starkey and his partner Sshh Liguz are premiering the video for their cover of The Big Pink's Dominos exclusively with TeamRock.

The Who and former Oasis drummer – who is the son of Beatles great Ringo Starr – and Liguz are working under the title of SSHH on the new project.
Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez – aka Jeordie White – and drummer Gil Sharone appear on the track, along with The Big Pink singer Robbie Furze.
The track features on SSHH's upcoming album Issues, which sees them cover a string of their favourite tracks along with members of the bands responsible for making the original songs.

Multi-instrumentalist Starkey tells TeamRock that the idea for the album's concept came about after they were asked to put together a list of their influences for a radio show.
He says: "After playing a couple of club shows in New York we were asked by Sirius radio to do a series of radio shows to talk about and play our influences and our original music.
"We wanted to make it a bit more real and record the tunes that influenced us live with the rhythm sections of the bands that originally recorded the songs.
"The finished tunes sounded so good and vibey that everybody involved thought that we should release an album of the sessions. There is also a film of us all in various studios recording each part of the songs."