Saturday, 29 October 2016


An old exploded guitar amp left repairers stunned after they discovered George Harrison used it on some of the Fab Four’s most iconic albums.

The VOX UL730 amp was bought by Cheshire-based sound engineer Chris Hewitt from a private collector in 2010 for use in an exhibition about iconic Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order.
But when it was taken for repairs after New Order bassist Peter Hook blew it up during rehearsals, engineers discovered the words ‘The Beatles, George Harrison’ scratched under grime on the side.
Experts have now proved the amp was bought new by George to record their 1966 album ‘Revolver’ and the 1967 record ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.
Today delighted Mr Hewitt, 61, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Revolver was probably the second album I ever bought.
“It has been named over and over as the most important rock album of all time, so to have the amp that created those sounds in my possession is incredible.
“I bought the amplifier for use in the Joy Division exhibition, as they are known to have used one of these models - little did I know what was hiding inside the case.”
Mr Hewitt, from Wincham, Cheshire, writes books, stages exhibitions of musical equipment and album sleeves and runs a record label. 
After researching the VOX amp, including looking through old photographs and carrying out a check of its history, experts confirmed it was used by George on several records.
He added: “The VOX amp owned by George was made in early 1966.
“It was used on Revolver and Sergeant Pepper and lots of George’s solo work.
“I know it was owned by him from the serial numbers on them and the fact that he used to mark his equipment.”
The VOX amp is not his only Beatles memorabilia - as he also owns two of John Lennon’s DBX electric guitar ‘compressors’ installed at his home studio in Tittenhurst Park in Berkshire to record the single Imagine.

They features in the iconic video of Lennon playing a white grand piano in a white room.
Mr Hewitt said: “I used to have a record shop, and own between 50 and 60 amps.
“I have collected musical equipment since I was 17, and have tried to collect every type of amp made, particulfarly interest British-made amps used in rock and roll.
After the amp blew up the words 'The Beatles, George Harrison' were found scratched on the side
“It’s probably a bit of an obsession, and at the moment I’m probably going to keep the amps and compressors.”
Now George Harrison’s VOX amp is being used by a new generation of artists to record their own albums.


  1. My dad recently told me that my grandad used to repair the amps of the Beatles all the time (quarrymen days) I asked my nan,now aged 96 and she said "Oh yes, they were round here all the time getting something or other fixed" *shrugs*
    OMG NAN!!!

  2. Amazing Vixykins, thanks so much for your comment


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