Friday, 28 October 2016


Listen a new song, written and performed by Paul, appears on the soundtrack for the Raymond Briggs adaptation "Ethel and Ernest" A True Story" an animated motion picture (94 minutes).
The soundtrack features an original score by Carl Davis and an orchestra arrangement by Chris Eganand, an exclusive new song by Paul: "In the Blink of An Eye", plays over the end credits of the film.
"Ethel and Ernest" A True Story"  in Cinemas Today!



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Ethel & Ernest Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Opening Titles
2. London 1928
3. Ethel and Ernest introduce Themselves
4. Walking in the Park with Eloise (composed by James McCartney)*
5. We’re Going To Be Married
6. Now You’re In My Arms
7. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
8. Homemaking Montage
9. Blue Skies Are Around The Corner
10. The Baby
11. Housekeeping
12. Tea for Two
13. Paddington
14. The Deepest Shelter in Town
15. Underneath The Spreading Chestnut Tree
16. We’ll Meet Again
17. Blitzkrieg
18. Dorset – A Visit
19. Singing In The Bathtub
20. A Perfect Day
21. Stagecoach Theme
22. Grammar School
23. A Clever Boy
24. The Laughing Policeman
25. An Ordinary Copper
26. The Young Ballerina
27. Sous Le Ciel de Paris
28. Foot Tapper
29. Little Things
30. Reflections of Charlie Brown
31. Tea For Two Reprise
32. She’s Gone
33. Pear Tree
34. In The Blink Of An Eye – Paul McCartney

* "Walking in the Park with Eloise" has been re-arranged By Carl Davis and performed by the Chamber Orchestra of London. 


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