Friday, 26 August 2016


It’s as much a part of Beatleweek as the marathon Cavern music sessions and the annual convention at the Adelphi.
The Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, takes place on Saturday, this time at a new location – the Unity Theatre.
More than 300 lots are set to go under the (silver) hammer in the event organised by the Beatles Shop in Mathew Street.
Some items, like a rare acetate recording from 1964 or sketches doodled by a teenage Paul McCartney, are expected to go for thousands of pounds.

This year there are also a number of lots connected with Cilla Black, including an Escada jacket she wore on Blind Date, tour programmes and acetate recordings of her singing.
A number of items, meanwhile, were formerly the property of Beatles Fan Club secretary Freda Kelly or Alf Geoghegan, who owned the Cavern between 1966 and 1970.
A long lost Beatles demo disc recorded by Paul McCartney could fetch £20,000 at auction 

Got £20,000 to spare and fancy owning a slice of 60s music history?
Then a rare Beatles acetate disc from 1964 of Paul McCartney accompanying himself on the piano as he sings It’s For You – a song he penned for Cilla Black – could be yours.
You might also have to dig deep to afford a series of pencil sketches drawn by a teenage Paul while at the Liverpool ‘Inny’. Estimate? £6-7,000.

Too pricey? How about a six-string acoustic guitar formerly the property of Rory Storm? A snip at £5-6,000.
Are you the same size as Ringo? Then why not bid for his Comme Des Garcons jacket, worn during the filming of the Beatles Anthology documentary (est £3,000-£3,750).

Even Ringo's pre-Beatles sick notes were up for grabs 

Then there’s a Parlophone promotional card from 1962 bearing the signatures of all four Beatles, which could fetch up to £3,0000.
There’s also a full set of autographs on two separate pages which were signed at the Sunderland Odeon in 1963 (£1,900-£2,200).
Before he was a pop superstar, Ringo worked at Liverpool firm H Hunt and Sons Ltd.
His Richard Starkey sickness and employment records have found their way into the auction, with an estimate of £900-£1,500.

A brick from the original Cavern Club joined lots which included all manner of Fab Four 

An original black and white Beatles dress from Holland c.1964 (£350-£500).
Four letters from the Electricity Board from 1966 about connecting electricity to the Cavern (£400-£500).
An original Beatles brooch from 1964, shaped like a beetle with musical notes on it (£60-£70).
A Beatles childhood Halloween costume from NEMS, USA, c.1964 (£80-£100).
Sgt Pepper limited edition Coalport figurines from 2006 (£80-£120).

A John Lennon inflatable plastic doll c.1967 (£50-£60)
An original Ringo Starr ‘soakie’ from the US c.1965 (£80-£100).
A small section of carpet from Abbey Road Studios (£100-£150).
Beatles Merit Magnet Hair Game c.1964 (£250-£300).
A soup tureen that belonged to John Lennon when he lived at Kenwood (£80-£100).

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