Thursday, 2 June 2016


Paul Pays Tribute To Carla Lane
"Dear Carla has passed away and all of us in the family are very sad to lose a wonderful women. We originally met through our involvement with the comedy show ‘Bread' and then later came to know her very well as a passionate animal lover.  Any animal in trouble was an animal that she felt she had to help and she did rescue and keep many varied animals for a long time. In her poetry she often expressed her feelings for animals and we in our family shared her passion.
"The world has lost a great advocate for the rights of animals but more importantly someone who saw the value of her fellow creatures’ lives and did everything in her power to show them the love and respect they deserved.  
"We will miss her."
- Paul

As mentioned by Paul, Carla Lane was a passionate animal lover and this led her to writing lyrics for Linda McCartney's song 'The White Coated Man', which addresses the practice of vivisection. Linda and Carla also worked together on the song 'Cow', which deals with the last days of a cow under sentence of death. Both songs feature on Linda's 1998 album Wide Prairie.
The songs 'The White Coated Man' and 'Cow' were both recorded in the spring of 1988 in Paul's personal studio. In the same year, Carla wrote a part for Linda in the popular British TV sitcom 'Bread'. In the episode, the character Billy Boswell goes to the opening of an animal refuge set up by Linda. Linda then ends up back at the Boswell family home, collected at the end of the show by Paul who is mistaken for a taxi driver by mother Nellie Boswell.

Paul and Linda with [from left-to-right] Peter Howitt, Carla Lane and Nick Conway from the TV series 'Bread'

Carla Lane by Linda McCartney

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