Friday, 22 April 2016


Thurnham author Neil Nixon has written a book on the world’s most famous band. The Beatles: Myths and Legends exams the wealth of strange stories and little known “facts” that have sprouted up around the pop legends.

Mr Nixon said: “We’ve all heard the story about Paul dying in a road accident and being replaced by an imposter, but when I looked into the range of myths and legends around even I was amazed!”
The book includes a list of records that are widely - if wrongly - believed to feature The Beatles; one of which even fooled Yoko Ono into believing she was listening to her dead husband.
It also identifies the true identity of a man, who did resemble Paul McCartney, and the details of the real road accident that gave rise to the McCartney death rumours in the Sixties.
Mr Nixon, 56, is a self-confessed “music obsessive” and also a lecturer in professional writing at the North Kent College in Dartford.
He has 25 books under his belt, including two novels written as Stanley Manly.
He also wrote a radio play, caller Mr Lennon, which imagines what John Lennon’s life would have been like if The Beatles had failed to secure that all important first recording contract.

The Beatles: Myths and Legends  is available now ....   HERE


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