Tuesday 19 April 2016


This evening, Paul will take to the stage at Rogers Arena for the first of two live shows. 

The Straight got a sneak peek of the former Beatle's stage setup, and we spoke with Paul's tour production manager, Mark Spring, to find out just how much work has gone into the monumental performance.
"It's not the status quo. Not too many people run with this stuff, but each building is unique so it takes a bit of time to put it in," Spring said.

With 130 staff members on his own tour team and 120 already working with Rogers Arena (a "good-sized mob," according to Spring), it took crews three days to set up more than 173,000 lbs (78,500 kilos, filling up 21 semi trucks) of sound and lighting equipment for today (April 19) and tomorrow's (April 20) back-to-back concerts. 
"We're ready to go right now," said Spring. "What [concert goers] can expect to see is something completley different from if they were able to see the 2013 show at [B.C. Place]."
The nearly-sold-out show will see 16,000 fans packed into Rogers Arena to hear Sir Paul play songs from his days as a member of the Beatles and Wings, in addition to his solo hits. 

As for the set list? 
"You don't want me to give that away--you'll want to see it," said Spring.

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