Friday 29 April 2016


Over 11 hours of footage on this four DVD set is intended to compliment Unsurpassed Promos,
gathering together the remaining unreleased T.V. appearances. 
Each show has been reconstructed from the most up to date sources and
virtually the entire set is highly watchable with very little time-coded or poor quality footage.

Each disc is thoroughly indexed and menued allowing an easy search through the programmes.
Also included if the "lost" T.V. appearances of The Palladium, Big Night Out and It's The Beatles.
The two Palladium shows are enhanced by some fantastic colour stills and there is also a partial upgrade of the first show.
"It's The Beatles" uses restored and reconstructed audio, along with a video reconstruction of the last four songs.


"Big Night Out" is sadly saddled with just one colour still, but it's a fabulous performance that deserves to be included. 

Although the compiler has included some studio based talk appearances, they've steered clear of the sort of news items that clog up other collections. 

Because this is a collection of T.V. appearances, there also isn't any performance footage captured by news cameras or that shown in cinemas.
This includes footage from Manchester, Sydney, Washington, The Hollywood Bowl and the featurette music.
The four Ed Sullivan shows are also not to be found here as they have been released in their complete form commercially and separately.

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