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  • Russell Jamieson was four when he went to his first Beatles gig in 1963
  • He was spotted by the band dancing in the aisle and was invited backstage
  • After hanging out with group, he ran away from home to try and join them 
  • He was found wandering the streets and his story appeared in local papers
  • Band found out and met him several times and so he picked up mementos

A fan affectionately known as the first 'Honorary Beatle' when he ran away from a home to join the Fab Four is selling his mementos 50 years on.
Russell Jamieson, 56, was just four when he went to his first Beatles gig in 1963 with his older brother Dave, 68.
The jovial child was spotted by the band as he danced in the aisle and was invited backstage.
After hanging out with the group he became such a Beatle-maniac he ran away from home to try and join the group. 
He was found wandering the streets of Liverpool and told police officers who picked him up that his name was 'Russell Beatle'.

Russell Jamieson, aged four, pictured with the Fab Four from a concert in Liverpool in 1963 

'Honorary Beatle': Mr Jamieson became known to the band following the newspaper reports of him running away from home as a four-year-old to try and join the group

The band read about what happened in local newspapers and met him again several times - dubbing him the first 'Honorary Beatle'.
They became friends and drummer Ringo Starr regularly visited his home. 

He also amassed an impressive collection of souvenirs from the many concerts he attended, including autographs and photos.  
Several items from his treasured collection are now being putting up for sale at auction. 
Mr Jamieson, a chemical factory working from Merseyside, said: 'What I remember about that first gig was the sound. It was very pure rock 'n' roll.
'I was dancing in the aisles and I remember meeting them. At one point Ringo took me to his drum set and let me hit them and the crowd just went berserk.
'These items were very dear to my heart and I held onto them for a long time.'

Autographs: He also received a signed letter from the Fab Four to their 'youngest fan club member'

Mr Jamieson said 'They have always been there for me. Whenever I have needed to listen to something in the good times or bad I can always call on The Beatles'
Recalling the time he ran away to try and find the band, he said: 'I don't remember much. I think I was wearing my favourite Beatles jacket I used to wear all the time.  
'When the policeman found me I told him my name was Russell Beatle. As far as I was concerned at the time that's what I was called.
'Eventually he must have found out my real name and he took me home.'

Russell, pictured as a four-year-old, with the band at one of their gigs in his hometown 

His older brother, Dave, a former roadie for The Rolling Stones, said: 'Ringo used to come round our house quite often.
'Me and Russell would sometimes go to his two-up-two-down terraced house too. Russell had pictures with the band and he shared Smarties with John Lennon.'
He added: 'I remember Ringo coming round a lot, he used to play football with me. I can't remember whether he was any good, it was just a kickabout you know.
'He would come round to talk to my brother, but he was my favourite by far and the one we'd see when we went to Beatles gigs.'
The collection is expected to fetch around £5,000 when it goes under the hammer on March 22.   

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