Tuesday, 2 February 2016


The Sun, report that Paul is working on a new album with producer Greg Kurstin. The report said Paul chose to work with Kurstin after the producer's success with Adele´ "Helllo".
The report:
"... PAUL McCARTNEY is working on new material with producer GREG KURSTIN, the mastermind behind her now-iconic single Hello.
THE BEATLES star has songs ready for a new album and, having been so impressed by Adele’s comeback, called on Greg to help him hone them.
A music insider revealed: “Paul loved what Greg did with Adele and knows he can add something special to his record.
“He is really embracing the pop direction of his last album and wants to continue in that vein with his new stuff.
“It’s a huge coup as Greg is without doubt the most sought-after producer at the moment.
“He was going to produce Paul’s full album but is going to work on a couple of tracks first and they will take it from there.”
Last year Adele admitted that without Greg, record-breaking album 25 may never have seen the light of day.
Discussing the moment they came up with Hello during a session in 2013, she said: “This song was a massive breakthrough for me with my writing because it had been pretty slow up to this point.
After I worked with Greg on this it all poured right out of me.”
It’s not the first time that Macca, has worked with someone from Adele’s camp.
His most recent album New, released in 2013, included three tracks produced by PAUL EPWORTH, who helped Adele win an Oscar and six Grammys for Bond theme Skyfall.
As well as Adele, Greg has an impressive back catalogue of hits with the world’s biggest pop stars, including LILY ALLEN, KATY PERRY, ELLIE GOULDING and PINK.
Macca surprised everyone by collaborating with KANYE WEST and RIHANNA on Four FiveSeconds last year, and I’m not surprised he is looking to modernise again.
Last year in Japan he told me it was important to stay musically relevant, explaining: “Kids who didn’t know me suddenly did because of Kanye and Rihanna.”
If he wants to go the whole hog, he could ask Adele for a duet too.

HARRY STYLES is using PAUL McCARTNEY as inspiration for his debut solo material.
After hearing one of the tracks US pop star CHARLIE PUTH said: “It was very Paul McCartney-esque.”
He added: “The last time I saw Harry we talked about McCartney-esque chord changes.”

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  1. Great news. Hope it comes out before summer so that we can semi-erase the pall that seems to have fallen over the music world with David Bowie's premature death. Go Paul! RIP David.


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