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LUCA PERASI, an Italian freelance journalist and writer,has spent ten years charting the path of Paul McCartney‬'s richly eclectic solo years and written an exhaustive study of every recording session; His Book: Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013)
The stories behind all of Paul McCartney's solo career compositions in chronological order of recording, from "McCartney" to "New". 
Recording dates, studios and "who played what" on each song. Includes 70 exclusive interviews with musicians, arrangers, producers and collaborators who worked with Paul .

BM:  Working for your book you made around 70 interviews. Was there an interview that has a special meaning for you?  And why?

LP: It’s hard to choose from such a wide range of interviews with many great artists or producers, or arrangers or engineers. Generally, I would say that each moment was special, because an interview develops a human relationship. The first interview I made, with guitarist Carlos Alomar, has certainly a special meaning, because it started the project of this book and gave me such enthusiasm to go on and build this work step by step. Another special interview was the first of the many I made with ex- Abbey Road engineer Tony Clark: that chat started our friendship, and that’s why Tony accepted my suggestion to write a little foreword for the volume. Life’s amazing and Tony is a special person in my heart.

BM: I saw that your book has been recently quoted in the bibliography of Paul Du Noyer’s Conversations with McCartney. That’s a nice thing.

LP: Yeah, that’s really nice. It came unexpected. Paul Du Noyer is one of the finest music journalists and I’m proud he found my volume useful for his research. Generally, I think this was one of the goals of the book, to be a ‘reference book’ for everyone who likes McCartney’s music after The Beatles.

BM: Would you write a similar book concerning solo recordings of John, George or Ringo?

LP: All I can say at the moment is that I’m working on a big project about the solo Beatles. It will be worth the wait.

BM: Can you tell me about meeting Mark Lewisohn last year?

Mark and Luca, 2014
LP: Sure. I met Mark in October 2014 during the Beatles Day in Mons, Belgium. It was a thrill. Not only Mark’s an incredible historian but also a real gentleman and a humble person. We chatted a bit, we took pictures together and he had kind words for my book, which he had previously purchased and read, and that made me proud.

I had a copy of the Italian edition of his The complete Beatles Recording Sessions (original from 1990) and he graciously signed it for me. I also signed a copy of my hardcover version of the book which I gifted to him. Being graduated in History myself, Mark Lewisohn is an example of how researches have to be made. I learned a lot (or tried to…) from him. 

I read him say to never be influenced from what you already know (or you suppose to know) about things, because this could affect your research and stop you mind to go further in research and discover the truth. Facts speak and explain better that any opinion, and I’m basically interested in discovering facts. Only free minds make (and write) history!

BM: Do you know the story behind the song  YVONNE?

LP: There’s some rumours about the meaning of the song over there but I won’t go in details. All I can say is that I’m gathering new interviews and facts about the unreleased solo catalogue by Paul to be published in a Recording Sessions Vol.II, due later in 2016. So you’ll find some answers in it.

BM: Name your favourite McCartney song?  And why? 

LP: This is a tough question!!... I’ll try to answer but don’t ask me tomorrow ‘cause I would change my mind! Joking apart, a personal favourite is “The Back Seat of My Car”, which combines so many different genres of music and influences in only one track, ranging from romantic ballad, to boogie, to brass band music …There are some key moments in the song which I particularly adore, e.g. the enchanting piano intro, that scream near the end and the striking guitar solo which closes it: brilliant, pure genius.

The dramatic refrain “We believe that we can be wrong” always runs a shiver down my spine. Historically speaking, I think “Maybe I’m Amazed” is the real McCartney classic within his solo catalogue and it is such a tour de force, both vocally and from an instrumental point of view. And to think it was basically recorded during a single session. This is a powerful, and raging and sounds absolutely sincere. It’s really touching and unique, I think.

BM:  What songs would you include in a  "UNRELEASED  McCartney"  CD ?

LP: Definitely the whole Rupert the Bear soundtrack, then “Waterspout”, “Cage”, “Did We Meet Somewhere Before?” and “Your School”. About the latter, there’s an interesting anecdote in my book, which was told me by Dr. Richard Niles, a great producer and arranger who worked with Paul in September 1986 on some songs for the yet-to-be released Cold Cuts project… It’s worth reading, and reveals us something more about the talent both of McCartney and Niles. “The Politics of Love”- written and recorded with Peter Gabriel in 1986 – would also be very interesting to hear one day.

BM: Any future plans for this new year ?

LP: There will be at least two major publications in English language. Absolutely fact-based books, in pure Lewisohn style. From last year I hired a new great English guy for the translation of the books, and we are both working together to present really top notch products for Beatles fans and readers. We’re investing so much time in perfecting sentences and the results are spectacular. 

The guy is Beatle fan and has deep knowledge of music. Also, the layout of the volumes will be treated with particular attention, with some nice improvements. Last but not least, my publishing company, L.I.L.Y. Publishing, is seeking for authors to expand the catalogue. Books have to be written in English and be about a musician, with a historical approach. 

Anyone interested, could contact us sending a private message through the Facebook page at: 


I rise to the occasion to send my Best Wishes for this Xmas and a Happy New Year to all the fans of BEATLES MAGAZINE all over the world!! 

BM: Thanks so much Luca !


Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) A Journey Through Paul McCartney´s Songs After The Beatles is a book highly recommend it to all Beatles / Paul McCartney fans. 

The book is now available through Amazon... HERE.

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