Wednesday, 4 November 2015


For the first time in London after the great success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, A Life With the Beatles is an amazing Magical Mystery Tour of the Beatles’ history, focused on the night of the recording of A Day in the Life, the song that closes their most famous album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. 
This incredible story is told from Neil Aspinall’s perspective, the Beatles’ road manager since the early days in Liverpool, the only one who was always at their side, behind the scenes and away from limelight, from 1961 to the 1970 break-up, and who later became the CEO of Apple Corps. He’s the only one who can tell the whole story. A tale that deserves to be told, because we can grow only knowing the tale of the past from men and women who has been involved into. 
A Life With the Beatles will recall the Fab Four’s history with this unique account. It won't be a nostalgic tale, but a celebration of what the Beatles represented for that generation and the ones who follow. A hour in the life of Sgt Pepper and Neil Aspinall involving the audience all the way in a tour of 60s memorabilia, anecdotes and insight. To thank for the love the Beatles gave the world. To maintain the emotions and the feelings of the past. Funny and moving like any memory of the youth. Full of energy and music. The play was written by Italian playwright Davide Verazzani, translated into English by Sabrina Macchi, directed by Andy Corelli Jones and performed by the ultra-energetic Ian Sexon.
23 Nov, 24 Nov, 26 Nov, 27 Nov, 28 Nov at Kings Head Theatre.

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