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Bob Gannon, quien estuvo presente en el Soundcheck y show de anoche en St Louis envió a Beatles Magazine un reporte sobre ellos. Hubieron cerca de 200 personas en el sundcheck en el Scottrade Center, un número alto para todos los shows que ha asistido. Aquí su reporte:

“Yesterday was a long one but I'm up and at em' this morning with a report. The sound check sign in was between 3 p.m. and 3:45 p.m. Due to the rain, they must have started checking people in a bit early because we got there at 3:10 p.m. and there were already a ton of people checked in and waiting on line inside as well as a pretty long line inside at the check in table,” he told us.
“After everyone was checked in, we stood on line until about 4:20 and then were brought inside and seated. When we were walking in to be seated, I was able to see actually how many folks were on this package, may have been the biggest sound check that I've seen. I would say very close to 200 people.
“We were put in our seats where we waited until after 5 p.m., as Paul was late. He finally popped up from back stage to the happiness of the group.”

Here's the set list for the soundcheck, which he said was shorter than usual:
01. “Matchbox”
02. “Honey Don't”
03. “Only Mama Knows”
04. “All My Loving”
05. “C Moon”
06. “Celebration”
07. “My Valentine”
08. “San Francisco Bay Blues”
09. “Midnight Special”
10. “Calico Skies”
11. “Dance Tonight”
12. “Something”
13. “Yesterday
14. “Lady Madonna”


01. Magical Mystery Tour
02. Junior's Farm
03. All my loving
04. Jet
05. drive my car
06. sing the changes
07. the night before
08. let me roll it/ foxy lady
09. paperback writer
10. long and winding road
11. 1985
12. maybe i'm amazed
13. i've just seen a face
14. and I love her
15. my valentine
16. blackbird
17. here today
18. dance tonight
19. Mrs vanderbilt
20. Eleanor Rigby
21. something
22. band on the run
23. ob la di ob la da
24. back in the ussr
25. i've got a feeling
26. a day in the life/give peace a chance
27. let it be
28. live and let die
29. hey jude
encore #1
30. lady madonna
31. birthday
32. day tripper
33. get back
encore #2
34. yesterday
35. Helter skelter
36. Golden Slumbers/ Carry that Weight/ The End

Last night I was at the Macca show in St Louis. Paul was in great voice and very animated. A ton of interaction with the crowd and in fact I don't know if in all my shows if I've ever seen him smile so much during the show. Despite being a very nice city, the St Louis crowd represented quite well. Super charged from start to finish. Really a fun place to see a show. It didn't hurt that most of section B row 3 were chock full of fans on the run. The other rows had plenty of hardcore fans in them as well. Band wasn't as tight as usual but still an incredible enjoyable show. The arena was really hot though...temperature wise. Things of note: Nobody was brought on stage during sound check or the show. During "And I Love Her", Rusty messed up the solo and while he was walking to hand his guitar to the tech, Paul called him back and told him to bring the guitar back which of course he did. Paul said in all the times that Rusty has played this song he has never messed up the solo. Rusty said something to Paul and Paul said "No Rusty, it was a mistake". So Paul told the band that they would have Rusty play it over from where he messed up. So they started again with Rusty playing it perfectly this time to the roar of the crowd and smiles from the band. Rusty then walked to the side stage to change guitars as he smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Paul took quite a bit of time checking out signs. I usually don't bring them but my buddy bought poster board just before the show and I decided to make one. My sign got an immediate response from Paul, he mouthed "That's a good one" he then pounded his heart and pointed at me. Later when he talked about looking at signs during the show he said "we got one down here that says "Even Sandy could not keep us from coming to the Rock Show!!. The crowd gave a big cheer. I don't think that we've ever had so many friends right next to each other in the same row so our pal Rick had a long "Fans on the Run" banner and each person had a letter and we saved it for the last chorus. Rick had flashed his usual "fans on the run" small sign which Paul always acknowledges. But as the last chorus came up, we all flashed our signs to which Paul smiled and pointed down the line of people holding letters. As the song ended, he flipped our signs to reveal another sign "We Love Macca". He mouthed "thank you". He then spoke about some of his fans having seen the show quite a few times and our group yelled..>Rusty and Brian found it amusing. But I would guess the most news worthy thing that happened was during the last song "Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End". The part of the song where Paul changes from grand piano to guitar. He was running down the steps from the piano and missed the last step leading to a pretty nasty fall and even though it was probably only a few seconds until he stood up, it seemed like years! He popped back up and struck a pose and then joined in with his guitar. After the bow, he joked about it on the mic saying that it was planned. Well, that's all I can remember for now.

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